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We offer versatile solutions designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our AI-driven platform provides solutions to assist businesses across different sectors in optimising their operations, driving innovation, and achieving sustainable growth.

we're committed to driving operational excellence in your industries.

Industries we serve

SAYA has a solution for your industry

No matter which industry you belong to, Our platform offers solutions to address the Niche challenges faced by your business to improve operational efficiency

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SAYA Platform Highlights

Cloud Native​

Containerization based deployment makes the platform Cloud Agnostic and highly scalable and enables to deploy on private or public clouds

High ROI

Efficient design and value based pricing assures ROI to enterprises. Faster implementation helps the businesses to add features.


Solution is reliable and able to handle High/Medium/Low Traffic without impacting the user performance. Provides 99.9% UP time

Highly Scalable

Server-less architecture allows scaling of the application transparently. Fully Micro-services based architecture take care of performance seamless.


Security first design helps in protecting the data by applying industry best security standards (OWASP) & guidelines. Implements data protection rules and security on Cloud

Monitoring, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Solution considers the disaster recovery and provides automated tools for Monitoring servers brings up the backup servers

Peak Efficiency Awaits

Take the first step towards operational excellence with SAYA.

We are a FINTECH with Treasury Techno-Functional expertise. We specialize in delivering niche solutions to Treasuries of Banks, NBFC and Corporates.


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