How does ResolveX work

ResolveX takes care of exception management or unreconciled data during the reconciliation process. It offers a rich user interface to configure organization-specific workflow for handling exception management and its auditing needs. It is capable of applying machine learning algorithms to reduce manual interventions based on historic manual actions from operations users.

Managing unreconciled data or exceptions during reconciliation is critical for any Enterprise Data reconciliation system. It involves following a specific workflow and might differ from organization to organization and might differ based on the type of reconciliation asset class. The same workflow process needs a stringent audit control mechanism built in. This is where ResolveX comes into the picture with an easily configurable workflow by operations users themselves. ResolveX has a built-in UI that facilitates user-friendly configuration of multiple queues and actions that facilitate workflow items moving between queues. ResolveX also facilitates the demarcation of pre- configured roles for a particular queue.

Reasons to use SAYA ResolveX

  • Quickest implementation possibility with Zero coding
  • Easily configurable workflow for any asset class need
  • Ability to define Queues and Actions along with entitlements
    for a particular role
  • Reducing manual reconciliation efforts based on historic
    manual actions
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Use of Future proof UI Technologies
  • Micro services-based architecture that is future-proof

Benefits of Utilizing SAYA ResolveX

ResolveX offers numerous benefits that can help business streamline their enterprise data
reconciliation operations on exceptions or unreconciled data as below:

  • Speed: ResolveX helps in configuring organization-specific workflow at lightning-fast speed, saving time and resources.
  • Accuracy: ResolveX uses machine learning algorithms to ensure that exception cases are handled accurately based on historical data.
  • Scalability: ResolveX is highly scalable and can handle large volumes of data, to suit any size of the organization.
  • Cost-Effective: ResolveX is a cost-effective solution due to its Zero coding or fully configurable ability for quickly defining any workflow
  • Auditability: ResolveX enables user to assign roles for a particular queue/action during configuration and audits each action during workflow for compliance needs

Operation Team’s Pain points that triggered to build ResolveX :

  • Each organization wants to define their own workflow process
  • Manual handling of exceptions is time and efforts consuming by the operations team
  • Each asset class under reconciliation needs a different workflow
  • Additional cost due to customization requirements for workflow needs
  • Implementation delay due to customization requirements for work flow needs


The workflow process is made smarter, faster, and configurable with ResolveX. Witness the quickest implementation of total reconciliation processes including workflow management with its super-rich User Interface. Reduce manual exception management efforts with its AI-powered algorithms.

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