About ResolveX

SAYA ResloveX is an enterprise workflow engine designed to help businesses efficiently resolve business processes or exceptions. Embedded with machine learning-based suggestions and Robotic Process Automation capabilities.

Reasons to use SAYA ResolveX

  • Quickest implementation possibility with Zero coding
  • Easily configurable workflow for any asset class need
  • Ability to define Queues and Actions along with entitlements
    for a particular role
  • Reducing manual reconciliation efforts based on historic
    manual actions
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Use of Future proof UI Technologies
  • Micro services-based architecture that is future-proof
SAYA ResloveX

Streamlining Workflow Management

You can customize queue names to fit your unique workflows, ensuring seamless customization and alignment with your niche operations

Exception Handling​

ResolveX manages exceptions and unresolved issues efficiently.

Smart Automation

ResolveX uses smart algorithms to automate tasks and reduce manual work.

Queue Management

ResolveX provides a user-friendly way to organise tasks and actions.

System Integration

ResolveX seamlessly integrates with existing systems for smooth operation.

Customizable Workflow

Users can easily set up workflows tailored to their organization's needs

Audit control

Built-in audit features ensure thorough monitoring of all processes.

Team Collaboration

Users can assign roles and collaborate effectively within the system.

Benefits of Utilizing SAYA ResolveX

ResolveX offers numerous benefits that can help business streamline their enterprise data
reconciliation operations on exceptions or unreconciled data as below:

  • Speed: ResolveX helps in configuring organization-specific workflow at lightning-fast speed, saving time and resources.
  • Accuracy: ResolveX uses machine learning algorithms to ensure that exception cases are handled accurately based on historical data.
  • Scalability: ResolveX is highly scalable and can handle large volumes of data, to suit any size of the organization.
  • Cost-Effective: ResolveX is a cost-effective solution due to its Zero coding or fully configurable ability for quickly defining any workflow
  • Auditability: ResolveX enables user to assign roles for a particular queue/action during configuration and audits each action during workflow for compliance needs

See How Simple & Unique

User-Friendly Interface:User-Friendly Interface: It provides a user-friendly interface for configuring organization-specific workflows tailored to handle exception management and auditing requirements.

Exception Management: ResolveX handles and identify unresolved issues efficiently 

Workflow Configuration: Organizations can easily configure workflows to suit their specific needs, ensuring efficient handling of exceptions.

Machine Learning Algorithms: ResolveX employs machine learning algorithms to reduce manual interventions by learning from historical manual actions performed by operations users.

Automation: By leveraging machine learning, ResolveX automates repetitive tasks, streamlining the exception management process and improving overall efficiency.

See How ResolveX Works

Open Queues: Efficiently manage incoming exceptions, review and categorize issues, and streamline workflow for prompt resolution, reducing manual efforts.

Modify Queues: Seamlessly update exception details, collaborate with team members, and enhance efficiency for swift issue resolution.

Authorization Queues: Empower personnel to review and approve resolutions, streamline decision-making, and ensure efficient workflow management with reduced manual efforts.

Resolved Queues: Close the loop on exceptions, verify actions, and enhance operational efficiency for improved productivity with minimal manual intervention.

Operation Team’s Pain points that triggered to build ResolveX :

  • Each organization wants to define their own workflow process
  • Manual handling of exceptions is time and efforts consuming by the operations team
  • Each asset class under reconciliation needs a different workflow
  • Additional cost due to customization requirements for workflow needs
  • Implementation delay due to customization requirements for work flow needs

Experience smarter, faster, and configurable workflow management with ResloveX

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