About RADX

RADX leverages AI to streamline the reporting of Road Assets and Road Safety Measures, reducing manual work in Road Asset identification by processing video data into actionable insights.

Reasons to use SAYA RADX

  • Simplify your asset identification process with AI-powered image processing.
  • Create projects effortlessly and upload images seamlessly.
  • Efficiently manage labels and tags for customised reporting.
  • Validate labels and generate comprehensive reports with ease.
  • Enhance productivity and reduce manual effort in asset identification and reporting by 78%.


Streamline Road Asset Detection and Reporting with ease

See How RADX Works

Open Queues: Efficiently manage incoming exceptions, review and categorize issues, and streamline workflow for prompt resolution, reducing manual efforts.

Modify Queues: Seamlessly update exception details, collaborate with team members, and enhance efficiency for swift issue resolution.

Authorization Queues: Empower personnel to review and approve resolutions, streamline decision-making, and ensure efficient workflow management with reduced manual efforts.

Resolved Queues: Close the loop on exceptions, verify actions, and enhance operational efficiency for improved productivity with minimal manual intervention.

What RADX Solves

RadX addresses the current challenges faced by businesses by automating the identification and reporting of road assets, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy in asset management processes.

Optimise Your Asset Reporting with RADX

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