What We Doing

We also offer Top Treasury Technology Solutions in the Industry

Supported by our SAYA Platform (low code) for managing Data Accuracy, Workflow, and Analytics, allowing us to provide quick and efficient services.

Our platform offers readily available Advanced Quant Models for computing Benchmarks that helps in faster go to market for regulators, helps regulators in their application scrutiny before publishing bench marks and has readily available APIs to get the data from renowned Industry data sources.


Cloud-Native Architecture

Seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and scale effortlessly.

AI-Enabled Reconciliation

Utilize advanced algorithms for unparalleled efficiency in data reconciliation.


Access and manage your data on the go, from any device.


Accelerate implementation with our API-first approach, ensuring faster deployment.

Proprietary Business Intelligence

Unlock actionable insights with our cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms.

Streamlined Workflow

Simplify operations and boost productivity with our intuitive platform design.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Automation

    Harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate complex data processing tasks, from extraction and classification to transformation and reconciliation.

  • Real-Time Data Insights

    Gain valuable insights from your data in real-time, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Easy Integration

    Seamlessly integrate SAYA Platform with your existing systems and workflows, ensuring smooth data flow and interoperability.

  • Customizable Workflows

    Tailor workflows to suit your unique business requirements, with flexible options for configuring processes and automating tasks.

  • Exception Management:

    Identify and address data discrepancies swiftly with SAYA Platform's advanced exception management capabilities.

Awards And Recognitions

We are glad for being recognized by the market for our contributions in Treasury Technology in the regulatory space for offering innovative data problem-oriented solutions through SAYA Platform.

Awarded in the space of the Innovative Fintech Solution of the Year Award 2024.

Selected as one of the top 6 for JPMC Tech Innovation Forum India 2024 shortlisted from over 1000+ fintech companies

Promising Start-Up for year 2021 for our contributions in regulatory space and Innovative SAYA Platform. ( Indian Achievers' Forum )

We Had been shortlisted out of 800+ fintech companies across the globe that had applied for IFTA 2021. Making us most trusted in Treasury Technology. (Indian Fintech Awards)

Explore SAYA Solutions' Delivered Use Cases

Platform has successfully delivered niche solutions to multiple industries, including, and Regulators, BFSI and Enterprisers

Data Reconciliation with ReconX

Successfully published time-sensitive and number-sensitive benchmarks for 12+ curves, enabling a significant expansion of client base by 100%. Know More

Empowering Regulators with QuantX

Supports custom creation of advanced computation analytics and quant models for Financial Institutions specially in the Treasury and Risk Management space. Know More

We are a FINTECH with Treasury Techno-Functional expertise. We specialize in delivering niche solutions to Treasuries of Banks, NBFC and Corporates.


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